Strong on your own

unstoppable together

Styling the movement for the warrior within

KCA-LAB is not only an athleisure brand but a modern uniform providing the right fit, form and function for an active lifestyle. The special features of our unique designs are ideal cut and unmatched comfort, as well as high-quality materials designed for high-performance function in a full range of motions without sacrificing modern aesthetics. Seamless tops and high-waist compression leggings shape and support the most crucial areas of one’s body throughout a full workout, offering the ultimate experience of mobility and movement.


The key is to find a balance in life and to give back to your body by making time to be active and to work out together. KCA-LAB was created as a sisterhood for like-minded women around the world.

The co-founders have their own identities, passion and beliefs. Like the elemental powers of wind, fire and water, they can be strong on their own, but they are unstoppable together.

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