KCA-LAB was founded by three sisters: Kathrin, Charlotte and Amelie in 2016.

The sisters have lived in London, New York, Paris and Hong Kong to study and work. However, no matter how far they were apart, they always stayed closely connected through a deep bond of sisterhood.

After having worked in the fashion industry for many years, they reached a moment of realisation: Their work/life balance had become out of balance. Together, the sisters decided to experience the ‚Ashram Journey‘ in California – a weeklong retreat dedicated to health, fitness and renewal. KCA-Lab is not only athleisure wear but a modern uniform providing the right fit and function for an active lifestyle.


The concept of KCA-LAB was born from the idea of what really matters to you: Family, friends, sport, fashion, travel and culture.

The key is to find a balance in life and to give back to your body by making time to be active and to work out together. KCA-LAB was created as a sisterhood for like-minded women around the world.

The co-founders have their own identities, passion and beliefs. Like the elements wind, fire and water, they can be strong on their own, but unstoppable together.

People behind the brand

Three sisters born in Germany: Kathrin, Charlotte and Amelie – KCA

They Studied, Worked And Lived Around The World Including London, New York, Paris And Hong Kong. However No Matter How Far They Were Apart They Always Stayed Closely Connected Through A Deep Bond Of Sisterhood.

After Years Of Hard Work In The Fashion Industry They Reached A Moment Of Realisation. Their Work Life Balance Had Become Out Of Balance. They Decided To Take Time Off And Rediscover What Really Matters. Together The Sisters Experienced The Ashram Journey – A Weeklong Retreat Dedicated To Health, Fitness And renewal In California.

In 2012 They Came Back With The Desire For: more Time For Family And Friends. More Time For Things You Love, With The People You Love. From Fashion, Sport, Travel And city Culture.

The Concept Of KCA-Lab Was Born From The Idea Of What Really Matters To You. Family, Friends Fashion, Sport, Travel And Culture. Why Should We Have To Compromise One For The Other When We Can Combine Them? KCA-Lab Was Created As A Sisterhood For Like Minded Women.



„I’d describe myself as thoughtful, visionary and a born leader. Being the eldest I always try my best to be there for my sisters & brother and be strong for all of us. However, working with my two sisters, we are all equal and everyone brings something else to the table. I’m so proud of us and love working with Charlotte and Amelie and having founded KCA-LAB together was the best decision.“ #StrongOnYourOwn #UnstoppableTogether



„I think of me as a a very balanced and calm person. Out of us 3 sisters I am the one who always arbitrates any arguments we might have. For me peace and harmony is very important. I love relaxed walkes in the park and chilled out Yoga or Meditation sessions.“



„I would describe myself as a fresh breeze – sometimes just soft and sweet but immediately this can build up to a real twister if necessary. I just love my freedom in every sense. Between my two sisters I’m the voice of the heart and the emotions and therefore it never gets boring with me. And that’s what I expect of my clothes too – be prepared for anything anytime – go wherever the wind blows and your heart takes you. And don’t anyone tell you otherwise.“