Life of a working mom

Kathrin from KCA gives an insight into her experiences as a working mother.   How do you manage running a business while raising a baby? I’ve always been a very independent and determined person with a full to-do list. I was back to replying to emails the day...

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Are New Year’s resolution out of fashion?

Another new year means plenty of well-meant New Year’s resolutions once again. But doesn’t it all feel a bit out of date especially in this day and age? There are still many people out there who take their New Year’s resolution very seriously. There are the...

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Working with my sisters

…was always a dream of mine. However, while working with your family can be the greatest thing in the world, there are also days where I simply want to kill them to be perfectly honest with you. To create something with the people you love...

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How Ashram changed my life

What is the story behind Ashram? Since 1974, the Ashram has been welcoming guests to a weeklong retreat focused on healthy, mindful eating and invigorating yet restorative exercise in a serene, warm and inviting setting. After a visit, you will be forever transformed in mind, body and spirit.   How...

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Working out during pregnancy

Not so long ago, working out during pregnancy would have been unthinkable however now in the 21st century it is even recommended. How things have changed! Every app, every doctor now encourages women to not only eat healthy during pregnancy but also to keep moving....

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Let's not kid ourselves, Berlin in the winter is usually freezing cold, often very dark and sometimes quite rough....

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