Social engagement

We support the basketball project PJB of the German foundation “Sternenstaub”: By donating T-shirts and leggings from our Upcycling collection, we can make a small contribution to support young women in the crisis-ridden Congo region. In sports, they can develop new perspectives together and confidently show their strengths to the outside world!

Since our childhood our love for and protection of nature has been an integral part of our education but most importantly of our identity. We could only infuse the same principals to our company KCA-LAB. This is why we have decided to support the Bergwaldprojekt e.V. , which works towards the reforestation of the depleted woodlands in Germany. Together, we plant native hardwoods which enrich the local ecosystem and lighten the effects of extreme climatic events. In this way, we are fighting to preserve our beloved planet.

Since all of us three sisters love and have dogs as part of our family we wanted to infuse the same principal to our company. In 2020 we started a partnership with a local animal shelter by supporting them financially and providing the entire team with KCA-LAB sweaters. Our plan is not just an one off donation but a long term partnership.

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