Are New Year’s resolution out of fashion?

Are New Year’s resolution out of fashion?

Another new year means plenty of well-meant New Year’s resolutions once again. But doesn’t it all feel a bit out of date especially in this day and age?
There are still many people out there who take their New Year’s resolution very seriously. There are the others, of course, who ridicule them. And then there are those who simply don’t care about goals and resolutions at all.


My personal stance on making and breaking New Year’s resolution has always been the first of the three. I always take my New Year’s resolution very seriously, but I never actually thought about why. I just simply did—until today, when I suddenly started to reflect about the whole thing and I finally came to the conclusion that although my New Year’s resolutions have indeed changed over the many years, my attitude towards them never actually did.


First of all, I would like to explain why I think that New Year’s resolutions are not out of fashion and why I am the kind of person who still cares about them, not the type of person to make fun of them. I have always been more of a fighter—that’s just part of my nature. I never wanted to give fate and destiny too much room to breath in my life. That’s why I began to separate things into a “passive” category and an “active” category (though I know that such a complex issue should not be so easily simplified, it helped me to see things more clearly). In the “passive” category are all the people who strongly believe in destiny. They think that everything is set in stone and nothing can be changed, so why even bother with it at all. In the “active” category are the ones who don’t accept their fate and who are willing to fight against it, although they know that there is only a fleeting chance to turn things around—if there’s a chance at all. These people will still try to change things for the better and I have a lot of respect for them.


For example, if your New Year’s resolution was to go to the gym more often and you only managed to go once in the whole year then I think that is still much better than to have never gone at all. Maybe our New Year’s resolutions don’t stick with us for long, but to me, they show a sign of self-reflection and determination. They show the will to change things and make a difference. And who knows? Maybe you will surprise yourself and your one-of yoga session will bloom into a new passion. If you never try then you will simply never know.


I find it difficult to identify with people who make fun of those who set New Year’s resolutions. As such, I’m pretty sure I will never slide into this category or mindset. I don’t think anyone should be ridiculed for putting effort into changing themselves and their lives. In fact, I think they deserve the exact opposite—they deserve support, they deserve encouragement, and they deserve praise.
However, having said all of this, I also understand that I may have oversimplified what is a very complex subject. It is never good to see the world in black and white; there is always room for grey in its many shade. It is all a very personal question at the end of the day, and one that everyone can and should decide for themselves when thinking about how they want to begin and end their year. But that’s just my opinion, and I trust those around me to choose for themselves as well.


My New Year’s resolutions have changed over the years. I used to draft way too many of them and it was hard to keep with them all, though I have always tried really hard and especially so in the beginning of the year. Now with a toddler and a young dog as well as a business to run (and being pregnant again), the reality hit me. My personal New Year’s resolutions are scaled back this year. However, they are very much still there, and I’m pretty sure they will be until the day I die. I know I won’t keep them all–that is for sure–but I also know that goddammit, at the end of the day, at least I know tried.


Amelie Freier

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