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Let’s not kid ourselves, Berlin in the winter is usually freezing cold, often very dark and sometimes quite rough.

I remember arriving at Berlin Schönefeld from London in January a few years ago. It had been snowing, it was freezing cold and I thought to myself I would take refuge in a warm taxi rather than face the U Bahn.

However, the taxi driver was very ‘German’ and had a typical ‘Berliner Schnauze’. I did not really feel welcome and I missed London the moment I stepped into this taxi as I missed the more polite and friendly attitude that often characterises London and its inhabitants.
The taxi driver, barely taking the time to acknowledge my presence, told me I was not allowed to eat my chocolate edamame beans in the back of his car …well well…I obviously still ate them – extremely carefully of course and trying my best not to munch out loud too much.

Driving through the city back then – I again couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t the most beautiful of cities, especially compared to other European capitals.

However, with time and with every visit I learned to appreciate Berlin for what it is and fell in love with its own very particular brand of beauty.

Berlin for me is like Kate Moss. Edgy, chic and cool. It is different to Paris for instance, whose beauty is obvious to everyone that visits and does not require anyone to go beyond surface level….. Berlin has edges. Berlin has texture. Berlin is not pretty and friendly to everyone – but if you give it a chance and remain open to it – Berlin is the perfect city to get lost in and to find uniqueness and individuality.

So here are my tips for a day in Berlin:



For coffee & Brötchen: Milchhalle. Auguststrasse 50, 10119 Berlin,
For delicious healthy breakfast bowls: Hope, Akazienhöfe, Akazienstrasse 28 , 10823 Berlin,



I love a good healthy bowl for lunch. My favorite place to get one is The Klub Kitchen in Mitte. Their dishes are filled with all sorts of goodness and different textures. This place always makes me want to come back. Quick service and good value for money.



Some days I feel like spinning, other days I feel like Yoga. Becycle is a great choice because they offer a variety of well-structured and professional classes.
And do grab one of their delicious smoothies from my Goodness afterwards.



I like the König Galerie for its very modern exhibitions,
and if I have a bit more time the Alte Nationalgalerie,


Dinner and Bar:

Stepping into this place is like stepping back in time.. Located in an old pharmacy is has a special and cozy atmosphere any time of the day. This is one of my favourite places for coffee, lunch or dinner,

For an Asian cuisine cravings Mrs Robinson always sorts me out,
Creative and mouth-watering flavours in a very hip and casual location.



I do like the Mulack Strasse for its little Boutiques and Shops and little hidden gems like the R.S.V.P stationary shop.

Also The Store at Soho House for gifts, flowers or clothes.


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