Working out during pregnancy

Working out during pregnancy

Not so long ago, working out during pregnancy would have been unthinkable however now in the 21st century it is even recommended. How things have changed! Every app, every doctor now encourages women to not only eat healthy during pregnancy but also to keep moving. However, even if it widely recognized that keeping fit during pregnancy is a good thing – how much exercise should you actually be doing?

Determining how many times and how hard you should work out during your pregnancy continues to divide opinion. I myself used to be a work out freak – to put it mildly – prior to getting pregnant. I used to work out every single day, mainly HIIT work outs such as the ones from internet fitness instructor Kayla. These would usually include a big round of burpees (which I always looked forward to J) but once the morning sickness started and my tummy began to grow, things changed for me.

The first aspect of my fitness regime to fall by the wayside was my diet… and at times I really went for it! Nothing was off limits. I even treated myself to McDonalds (in all three times over the course of my pregnancy!). Shame on me. I know. More generally, pasta and pizza were suddenly not my enemies anymore. I did eat healthy too of, course, but I also enjoyed letting things slip here and there. I saw the same changes mirrored in my work out schedule. My ‘hardcore’ workouts disappeared and instead I swapped them for long walks with my dog in the hilly forests and meadows close to my home in Germany. I also included swimming and yoga much more.

All in all, I would say I went from an ‘A’ grade healthy bunny student to a ‘C’ student and God it felt good!! I knew there was a lot of different advice out there but in the end I wanted to listen to my body, even if it meant occasionally indulging my cravings. Sometimes it can be good to go your own way and not always listen to other people’s opinions and instead listen to what your tummy is telling you!

And this is why the question of how much exercise you should be doing during pregnancy remains unanswered because in the end it is entirely up to you. Of course it is recommendable to be healthy and keep in shape but how you interpret this will be forever be up to the individual mother-to-be. To me, this is definitely one question that every woman should answer for herself. So my conclusion is indeed to keep moving and eat healthy but also enjoy making this special and magical experience completely your own.

Amelie Freier

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