Working with my sisters

Working with my sisters

…was always a dream of mine. However, while working with your family can be the greatest thing in the world, there are also days where I simply want to kill them to be perfectly honest with you. To create something with the people you love and trust the most is ineffably rewarding and powerful: We share an honest belief in and passion for our brand and this keeps us going through the tough times.


It makes it easier to work together when you share the same mindset, of course. Our work ethic comes from our parents: They raised us to be independent, strong-minded and hard-working women. Knowing each other so thoroughly–with all our weaknesses and strengths–we know exactly in which field one of us might be better than the other. We balance each other, even though we could not be more different.


Where Kathrin is incredibly definitive, Amelie is more of a free spirit, and I am very structured. Kathrin is a perfectionist across everything she does, from the way she dresses to her businesses to her home. I admire that about her: Nothing is ever done halfway. When Kathrin gets too hung up on details, Amelie is normally the one that gets her to see things from with wider perspective.


Though Amelie is a free spirit, she is also very specific in what she likes. She is very compassionate and loving; she is led by her heart and has strong opinions and values. She is incredibly focused and passionate about KCA LAB, and at the same time a very caring mother.


I am a bit of a control freak and like to keep things in order and make sure that they’re done right here, right now. I am happy to have Amelie and Kathrin to show me other ways of looking at things and to remind me not to stress too much about deadlines all the time—and, of course, to see the fun side about all of it. There are times when we are simply unable to agree on anything. Days when it is hard to keep personal issues and business separate. Days where I just need a sister instead of someone to talk business with. And yes, all of this can be incredibly stressful on our relationship, of course.


The first few months we worked together, things often got particularly heated. We only knew each other as sisters and had no idea really how one another functioned in a workplace. We had our set roles as sisters and ways of communicating with each other that had been ingrained for years but we quickly learned that we needed to break free from these patterns and accept each other in new surroundings.We learned that no matter what we were doing, we were always committed to the notion that family comes first, and sometimes that may mean compromising or letting go of something one of us was particularly set on in order to protect the family bond. And with this simple rule in mind, working with family is indeed the most wonderful thing.


Of course, there are fights. And of course these aren’t pretty but that’s the beauty of being sisters: You fight. You make up. You forgive. I respect and love both of them very much, as different and sometimes difficult they sometimes can be, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world






Charlotte Tambue

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