Here at KCA-LAB, sustainability is very important: We not only have high demands on design and functionality, but also manufacture our collections in a resource-saving and ethically responsible manner. That’s why we act as responsibly as possible in every step of the production chain, from the selection of suppliers to the transport routes. We are happy about everyone who supports us on our way! By taking a stand, we set a mark for high-quality, durable fashion that feels good in every respect.

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SLOWLY BETTER: We work against Fast Fashion.

The increasingly rapid consumption of clothing supports supply chains that put profit above human welfare. This is why we insist on a sustainable manufacturing process: Our prices do not only reflect the quality of our collections, but also our responsibility for the people who make them.

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STAYING CLOSE: Our production takes place in Europe.

Our collections are 100% manufactured in Europe. The design is made in Germany, while production is located in Portugal and Turkey. This way we reduce our CO2 footprint and are able to work together personally with our partners and suppliers. On site, we constantly check that all important standards are met – for example, with regard to good working conditions and fair payment.

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FROM OLD TO NEW: Upcycling at KCA-LAB.

For us, upcycling is not a trend, but an indispensable part of our commitment to

environmental and climate protection. The results are impressive: for our Upcycling collection, last year’s unsold pieces are cut up and reassembled into new, exciting designs. This way, we extend the life cycle of the material and at the same time create unique styles again and again.

Learn more about Sternenstaub

From old to new - that's what our Upcycling Project is all about! - A from KCA-LAB

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LIMITED EDITION: Small collections make great possibilities.

Our annual production is limited to two well-thought-out collections, whose fabrics are particularly high-quality and last for a long time. Less is more: The individual parts perfectly fit together and complement one another. Each one can be flexibly combined with the others. This creates durable, inspiring looks for every occasion.

See Upcycling Collection
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FEELS GOOD: Clothing with certificate.

Our collections are made from ecologically valuable raw materials. Nearly all of them carry certificates, from EcoVero to the German “schadstoffgeprüft” (pollutant tested) label. By now, they consist of almost 100% recycled materials. You want to know more about innovative textiles at KCA-LAB? Take a look at our product descriptions or feel free to ask our customer service. By the way: We have also completely converted our packaging to recyclable polybags!

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We support the basketball project PJB of the German foundation “Sternenstaub”: By donating T-shirts and leggings from our Upcycling collection, we can make a small contribution to support young women in the crisis-ridden Congo region. In sports, they can develop new perspectives together and confidently show their strengths to the outside world!


Our goal for 2020 is to become more sustainable in the materials we use. It is never too early, to start taking responsibility for the future! - K from KCA-LAB

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